Counselor’s Corner

April Counselor’s Corner

The skies will soon be filled with our exchange students returning home, carrying suitcases filled with memories (some will need an extra bag or two).

It’s not unusual at this point in the program for host families and students to sometimes feel they are at an in-between place; at once feeling excited about how much growth there has been and the adventures they’ve had together, while perhaps also feeling sad and anxious about how quickly the time is flying. This is a “trying not to think about it” period for many.

Host Family Barbara Smith shares, “April is a hard month for us as the students start looking to when they get home. I try to remind the students to enjoy each day where they are. When you are home, enjoy being at home, when you are at school, enjoy being at school. If your mind is not there, you will miss the memories happening around you. We have used this time to get the exchange students to help us pick our students for the next year. We let them give input on where they should be from. What interests we should look for. They have gotten to know us very well by this point and can see things we cannot see–they see from the students perspective. It is eye opening as a parent to hear what they say. This is also prom time. Remind them again of expectations and rules about going out. What they can and cannot do. Have fun dress or tux shopping! Make a LOT of memories. Spring break allows you to go do something new–go somewhere you have never gone before to share the experience together”.

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