Counselor’s Corner

February Counselor’s Corner

Winter is in full swing and for some that may mean a snow day or two and some extra time around the house. That being said, I hope that your student is making use of their time and enjoying the unexpected days off engaging with friends and enjoying family time.

March, April and May are crazy busy for students and host families, so enjoy February and what it has to offer – family time. Make sure to share the love on Valentine’s Day, enjoy the snow (for those of you who have it) and start the preparations for your spring because after February, the rest of the program goes quickly! You will most likely find that your student is spending more time with friends.

If your student has not been involved in a sport or club yet, this is a good time to inquire. Many schools have a spring play, which always offer opportunities to get involved with the school and their peers. If your student needs a little guidance, please help them navigate and request they choose at least one activity, especially if they have not participated in anything yet.

And, for those you traveling for spring break in the next two months, just a reminder to make sure you inform your Local Coordinators and fill out any needed paperwork with plenty of time before your family embarks on an adventure.

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