Counselor’s Corner

March Counselor’s Corner

Spring is here! For many, spring break is heading your way, spring sports are starting up, and there is talk of prom. These last three or four months are going to fly by, so grasp every moment as a family with your student. March tends to be a time when your student, if he/she has not gotten very social, will generally realize they only have a few months left and really start to get involved. Socialization in general increases with friends at this time of year and you may at times feel that your student isn’t spending as much time at home as you would like. If you are feeling a little left out, please let your student know.

Plan in Advance

Make sure to plan out family activities early and place them on the calendar to avoid any confusion or unwanted conflicts. Plan as a family what you still want to do as a family, whether it’s more sightseeing, community service, time with relatives, a weekend getaway for your family or one last trip to a favorite restaurant.

Support Spring Sports

If your student is in a spring sport or other activity, make sure to attend, support and cheer them on. If you haven’t done so, invite some of his/her friends over to your house and create some memorable moments.

Prom – the drama of excitement and nervousness

Prom is coming up for a lot of our students. Generally, the girls are going to want a “new” dress even though they may wear it once. Prom is a pretty big deal for our students. Please make sure you let them know that you will need clear communication from them about their plans from the dress/tux to hair appointments, to purchasing a corsage/boutonniere. Try to avoid last minute stress. Also, some may need more guidance than others in regards to what they need to do to prepare for the event.

Speaking of prom and choosing a dress, this is the time I hear concerns about fitting into a dress. Weight can be an issue for some of our students. Just like the first year of college, students on this program tend to gain some weight. Healthy eating and exercise is encouraged. If you have any concerns about your student taking off weight too quickly or demonstrating unhealthy eating habits, please let your LC know.

Any Concerns

Please make sure to address any questions or concerns with your LC. Don’t let them pile up or wait too long. We always prefer to know right away.

Host Family Facebook Page

We really enjoy your posts and pictures! Prom, spring break, day trips, volunteer activities, etc. We love them! They get passed around the office and sent to the field so that everyone can see what new and exciting experiences you are having with your student.

We sincerely hope that you are all enjoying the experience of having an exchange student in your home this school year. Thank you for sharing this gift of the heart. Your dedication and enthusiasm to this program is so appreciated!

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