Counselor’s Corner

November’s Counselor Corner

November’s Counselor Corner

By Ellie Bucciarelli, Greenheart Exchange High School Programs Student Counselor

November is here and in full swing. The holidays are upon us and we all get quite busy. This is a good time to sit down, look at the calendar and make sure everyone is clear to avoid frustrations later. It’s also a good time to reflect on all we appreciate in life. 

Below are 9 tips to help keep November organized as you transition into holiday mode:

  • Who needs a ride and when? Put this information on your calendars and keep that communication open. One of the worst things you can do is inform a Host Parent you need a ride at the last minute when they are busy. Yikes!
  • What commitments are required? Any family obligations coming up that the student will attend? 
  • How do you prepare for the holidays? Please make sure to speak with your student about how your family celebrates Thanksgiving. 
  • Students: Ask questions! This is a holiday unique to only America.
  • Community giving: Is there an opportunity for the whole family to get involved in a volunteer activity?
  • Get cooking! Students should consider offering to make a dish to add to the Thanksgiving dinner!
  • Looking ahead: Start discussing the December holidays early in order to prepare for expectations. What are your family traditions? What can the student expect to be doing in December?
  • Share your Holiday Customs and Traditions! How can you share your country’s customs during the month of December? If you celebrate St. Nicholas day, make sure to ask your Host Family to put out their shoes the night before so you can fill them with sweets. Remember! It’s early December!
  • Preserve Precious Memories: Make a keepsake together. Take time to reflect on what you appreciate and write it down or create something together that you can all look back at again.

We are so grateful for this Greenheart Community you all have helped create. Wishing you all a safe and healthy month filled with laughter and new memories!

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